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Inspiration & Information

We want to inspire you to consider training your dog (or adopting a new dog) to sniff out lost pets. Scent training is the ultimate enrichment for your dog, can help other people and their lost pets, and provide a rewarding job for you. 

Do you have a high energy dog? A smart dog with separation anxiety? A dog that is a working breed and is destroying your house? An escape artist dog? Are you looking for something fun and rewarding to do with your dog?

Consider training your dog to sniff out lost pets. 

We now offer additional services to inspire and inform you about working with dogs to search for lost pets - for fun, enrichment for your dog, as a volunteer or as a business.

Open to All: Private Investigators, Professionals, Nonprofits & Pet Owners

All Levels of K9s Welcome: Anxious, Puppies, and Old Dogs too!

We offer multiple options to explore scent training for your dog.

Initial Phone Call

Talk with Annalisa Berns about your interests and your dog for scent training for finding lost pets. Learn about options to use the training for fun and enrichment for your pet, as a volunteer or as a business. Ask questions and get feedback.

Pet Search and Rescue Conferences

Events dedicated to lost pet recovery and Search K9 training to find lost pets. No matter your level of experience, you can learn the basics, enhance your knowledge, further your business or nonprofit, increase earnings and donations, network and work with Search K9s in person. The PSAR Conference is 3 jam packed days of search scenarios with a variety of target pets. Realistic training scenarios will be conducted in beautiful, unique and special locations, providing fun and learning for humans and K9s alike!

$175 - 1 hour

Have your K9 evaluated by Annalisa Berns for fitness for possible lost pet search work. Location: Tampa Bay, Florida area. Video call anywhere in the world. Learn about possible training options for your dog.

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K-9 Evaluation

Online or In-Person K9 Evaluation

Evaluation Includes:

  • Working demo of 3 different Search K9s to show you different methods of searching and working a lost pet Search K9.
  • Harness and Equipment Review and Feedback
  • Evaluate your K9 for fitness for possible lost pet search work.
  • Provide feedback and insight to you into using your K9 for lost pet search work, or for enrichment.
  • An idea of beginning training for your dog in lost pet search work, plus at home exercises.
  • Find out more about training options, online and in-person.
  • Information about obtaining a Private Investigator License.
  • Answering your questions.


Over 18 Years of K-9 Scent Training Experience


“I recently adopted a two-year-old rescue Pomeranian. Thanks to previously speaking with Susan, an assistant trainer to Annalisa, I was familiar with their pet searching operations as well as their impressive law enforcement background. I contacted them, and was invited to bring Abby to them for an evaluation and training session.

The evaluation session was very informative for me, and Abby scored very well in three of the search disciplines. I was very impressed with the knowledge and skills of both Annalisa and Susan. They demonstrated search techniques using their Bloodhounds and rescued Chihuahua. Even on a windy day, their dogs demonstrated great skills in finding the “lost pet” blocks away!

Every aspect of the day was a well-tuned and effective presentation of materials, instruction on techniques, coaching during actual training, and excellent analysis and planning for additional training in progressively advanced skills.

I would very highly recommend them for training in the various searching scenarios. They will evaluate the temperament and personality of your dog during the initial session, and you, the owner, will learn a tremendous amount about your pet and what is involved in the various types of searches. All types of dogs can be successful searching dogs, including rescues!

Thank you to Annalisa and to Susan!”

Sherrie & Abby

Some states may require you to obtain a Private Investigator License to search for lost pets.

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