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Are you exhausted and have done everything but don’t have your missing pet back yet? Do you get sightings but when you go to search for your pet, you find nothing? Don’t know what to do next, but you have done everything possible already?

We will tell you what to do to get results in your lost pet search, and give you hope! We will never tell you to give up. We understand that your beloved pet is a family member and we provide support and encouragement.

We specialize in lost pet cases where the owners have tried everything without results. We have creative and new solutions to lost pet cases, even if you are suspicious that someone has your pet.

We offer multiple solutions to fit your budget and situation.


Our team of experts work with trained search dogs to help recover your lost pet. If you are within our service area, contact us today to discuss the details of your case.


We also offer email coaching with Annalisa Berns, our lost pet recovery expert. She will guide you step-by-step through creating a customized plan of action, sharing resources and supporting you in executing a plan to greatly increase the chances of finding your pet.


Our Lost Dog Recovery Guide and Lost Cat Recovery Guide can provide a cost-effective and detailed plan of action for finding your lost pet.


In-Person K-9 Search Specialists Available

If you live within our designated service area, you may be eligible to work with one of our dedicated search experts to investigate and potentially find your missing pet.


Over 16 Years of Coaching Experience

Consultations are available around the world by email.



Initial Plan of Action & Case Feedback

Satellite Maps of Search Area

Detailed Search Strategy

Assistance with Flyer Creation

Lost Dog or Cat Recovery Guide PDF

Unlimited Emails – Until you have your pet home safe!


Lost Pet Coaching Steps


  • Analyze the information you provide. We carefully compare your case to the thousands of case files we have on record.
  • Develop a personalized Initial Plan of Action and any Case Feedback critical to your case.
  • Email you the Lost Dog or Cat Recovery Guide in pdf format.


  • Review satellite maps of the search area. Make notes and send you copies via email.
  • Develop a detailed Search Strategy specific to your case.
  • Email you to review the information with you and answer any questions.


  • Provide a lost pet flyer template or create a lost pet flyer for you, if needed.
  • Provide resources or network, if needed.
  • Schedule follow-up emails with you to encourage you in your search and answer any questions.


Lost Pet Recovery Guides & Books

Lost Dog Recovery Guide

The Lost Dog Recovery Guide is currently the top manual for recovering a lost dog. Written by Pet Detective Annalisa Berns, this is actually a 2-book set designed to get you started taking immediate action.

Lost Cat Recovery Guide

In the Lost Cat Recovery Guide, pet recovery experts Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron offer a step-by-step guide for using tried and tested search techniques to help you find and recover your lost feline.

The Bloodhound Handler

The Bloodhound Handler's sidekick Abby Burns, is based on Pet Search and Rescue's Annalisa Berns. A great read full of lost pet mysteries and Bloodhound adventures. An entertaining snapshot of life as a Pet Detective.

The Lost Pet Chronicles

The Lost Pet Chronicles was the inspiration for Pet Search and Rescue. Written by K9 cop turned Pet Detective, Kat Albrecht, it shares the amazing story of starting the modern day Pet Detective, using Search Dogs to find lost pets.

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