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Lost Pet Recovery Gear

Top recommendations for supplies you need in the search for your lost pet. We offer Amazon Affiliate products, and Pet Search and Rescue receives a small percentage of sales to help animals in need. All of these products are our “Pet Detective Search Equipment,” that we personally use on cases or have worked with clients who have used these items. Searching for a lost pet often requires special tools. Find a shopping list of supplies here to save you time, because when searching for a lost pet, time is of the essence!

Here are our top lost pet recovery supplies that we use in searches:

General Pet Recovery Gear

Lost Dog Gear

Lost Cat Gear


Lost Pet Recovery Equipment

Our highest reviewed products for looking for a lost pet. Some products are also helpful if you have found a lost pet and are trying to find the owner, or if you help lost or stray animals.


Lost Pet Prevention

Lost Pet Prevention is key and where keeping pets safe starts. If you only do one thing to keep your pet safe, it is putting identification tags on your pet – and keeping them on at all times. Here are a few recommended products to keep your pet safe.


GPS for Pets

Never have to worry about keeping your pet safe again! Many people incorrectly think that a microchip is GPS, but it is not. A microchip simply an implant under the skin as means of identification – not tracking! GPS can track your pet and find your pet’s past or current location. We strongly recommend GPS for your pet especially if you have an escape artist pet, your pet is shy or fearful, you are traveling with your pet, you are moving in the future or just moved.


Lost Pet Guides & Worksheets

Includes Guides, Checklists, Worksheets, and Cheatsheets. 

Critical information to help you find your lost pet, at your fingertips. Most people know the common-sense things to do in a lost pet search – go to the animal shelter, post some flyers, post online, talk to the neighbors. But what if you did all that and still don’t have your pet back yet? Here are resources to guide you when you have tried everything but can’t find your lost pet.

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