Pet Detectives & Search Dogs

Annalisa Berns
Certified Missing Animal Response Technician
Owner of Pet Search and Rescue
Search K9s Rainbow & Lilly

Annalisa Berns, owner of Pet Search and Rescue, dreamed of working with animals from a young age. She found her life's work when she read Kat Albrecht's book, "The Lost Pet Chronicles." She is passionate about educating people about how to bring their lost pets home. Annalisa works a team of three Search Dogs, including Lilly, Rainbow and Peri. She trains with K-9 Search and Rescue, expert dog trainers and volunteer K-9 Sheriff Search and Rescue. She focuses her studies on animal tracks, lost pet behavior, crime scene investigation, search management techniques and advanced urban trailing. She has completed the President's DNA Initiative and received a certificate of completion in "Crime Scene and DNA Basics for Forensic Analysts."Jim Berns
Search K9s Samantha & Luscious

Jim Berns uses his knowledge of animal tracking and animal behavior helps train people to find their own pets. He works with Samantha, a smart Hound mix. He primarily covers areas in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. However, Jim is willing to travel further to help find lost pets.

K9 Handler - Credentials
Public Lectures & Presentations:

Guest Speakers at the 80th annual Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, 2008.
San Diego Humane Society on Pet Loss Prevention & Disaster Preparedness, 2007.
Pasadena Humane Society Search Dog presentation in Pasadena, 2007.
Whippet Breeder’s Club Lecture in San Diego, 2006.
Scheduled Guest Speakers the American Veterinary Medical Association convention in Seattle on Pet Loss Prevention, July 2009.


National Search Dog Alliance Member & Member Education Board NSDA, 2007- 2014.
Missing Pet Partnership Member, 2005-2014.

Training & Certifications:

Extensive training and certified Missing Animal Response Technician with retired policewoman Kat Albrecht and Missing Pet Partnership, 2005.
Certified Canine & Feline Specialist with Pet Detectives, Inc, 2006.
Coached and critiqued by Butte County SAR members, 2007.  
Advanced Urban Training seminar with expert SAR K9 trainer Marcia Koenig, 2007.Animal Movement / Tracking Training seminar with published author Jim Lowery, 2006.

Experience & Qualifications:

Trailing Dog Trainers: Trained multiple search dogs. Two certified with MPP.
Trainer: Hosted training in New York.
K9 Handler: 8+ years Working lost pet cases with hundreds of finds, live and deceased.
Only certified Scent Specific Search Dog to find lost pets in Southern CA.
Hired by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Petsmart, CBS Studios, and celebrities.

Featured in new book "Dog Detectives, Finding Fido" by Kat Albrecht.
Featured in print: Sprint Magazine 2006, Animal Wellness Magazine 2006, San Diego Union Tribune 2007, SLO City News 2007, Foothill Newspaper 2007-2008, Ventura County Star 2007, Whittier Daily 2009, San Bernardino Sun 2008, FRONT PAGE Los Angeles Daily News October 20, 2008,  Press Enterprise 2008-2009, Humane Society Magazine 2009, and Grizzly 2009.
Online: Pasadena Humane Society website “If you lost your pet” section 2006-2009, 2006, 2008-2009, multiple rescue & pet sites.
Featured on television: ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Inland Empire, 2005 – 2009, and Animal Planet “Dogs 101” 2008.
Co-authors of “Selecting Your Canine Search Partner,” NSDA 2009.

CALL TO SHELTERS: County, NV takes in five times the number of animals per capita than San Francisco, three times the number of animals per capita than Los Angeles, and over twice the national average. So if this is an indication that people are irresponsible as some shelters claim, then one would expect them to have stray animal redemption rates that are lower than the national average.Yet, while many shelters only reclaim 1-2% of cats, and roughly 20-25% of dogs, Washoe County reclaimed 60% of stray dogs and 7% of cats. Kat Albrecht of Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) wants to show you how they did it, and promises that shelters can do even better.YOU CAN HELP! Please encourage your local shelter to take action to increase the redemption rate - and decrease the euthanasia rate!
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Pet Detectives help educate pet owners about ANIMAL BEHAVIOR.Search Dogs are a scent-based detection tool and are highly trained to help find evidence. They are one element in a successful search for a lost pet. Many times these search dogs have successfully located missing pets, including cats, dogs, rodents and reptiles! Pet Search and Rescue offers professional Pet Detective services, and pride ourselves in being qualified and certified experts in teaching pet owners how to find their lost pets.
Please note: We are NOT private investigators. Any clients who need those services will be referred to a licensed private investigator.
NOTE: WE ARE NOT LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. If you have a stolen pet or need the aid of a Private Investigator (that specializes in LOST PROPERTY) in the recovery of your lost pet, we direct you to: As "Pet Detectives" we focus on education about lost pet behavior in addition to using trained Search K9s in specific cases. If you need assistance outside of these areas please contact a licensed Private Investigator.